Ironman Nutrition

Race Day Nutrition You have more than likely seen wildly different guidelines for the amount of calories needed on race day. Remember that predictions can vary a great deal from athlete to athlete. Some athletes can consume up to 600 calories per hour easily while others struggle at 225 per hour. The key is to […]

Which Ironman?

After a 3rd attempt at Ironman in Wales last weekend, I finally feel that I have got a result which reflects the effort and sacrifice that go into preparing for this huge challenge. Apart from the usual long hours of training, strict nutrition, flawless equipment and psychological interventions that go into making a successful race […]

The Four Pillars of Ironman Success

A great article here from top Ironman coach Gordo Byrn and a philosophy I share PART ONE In this article, I am going to lay out my thoughts on the most critical factor for success for Ironman racing. In reading many of the publications and surfing the internet, I can see that there is a […]

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